Is Anyone Else Getting As Psyched About The DuckTales Reboot As I Am?

When I was a kid, DuckTales wasn’t my favourite cartoon. Don’t get me wrong, I never changed the channel when it came on and I enjoyed it (it was an easily digestible half hour of animated fluff with an irrepressible earworm of a theme song), but it wasn’t one of those shows I rushed home from school to see. But while it didn’t make my Top Ten After School cartoons, looking back I have plenty of fond memories of it (Darkwing Duck on the other hand, well that may have been a different story).

Which is maybe why Disney’s announcement that they were rebooting the classic cartoon flew completely under my radar. Until last week that is, when they announced that they had cast Lin Manuel Miranda of Hamilton and Moana fame to voice the show’s resident superhero (and Iron Man lookalike) Gizmoduck. With my interest snagged, I soon discovered that HOLY BATMAN, BILL MURRAY AND BABY JESUS DAVID TENNANT IS VOICING SCROOGE MCDUCK! Why am I just learning about this now?!?

While I may not be a Doctor Who fan, from what little I have seen of the time travelling doctor’s hijinks, Tennant is the best actor to pilot the Tardis thus far. Hearing his Scottish brogue coming out of Scrooge McDuck is the definition of geektastic. A quick look at the Duck Tales trailer Disney recently released reveals that the new show will definitely embrace the spirit of adventure that made an entire generation fall in love with the original. While everyone’s favourite characters are returning, they’re all being modernized so you can expect to see them with more than just a fresh coat of paint. It would also appear that Disney has a few new faces in store as well and it looks like that indominable theme song will also be back.

The new season of DuckTales will be 23 episodes long (while most will be the standard thirty minutes in length, two will be a full hour) and is scheduled to debut on Disney XD some time this summer.

Image: Disney XD