C-S1 Canada’s Elite Strike Team

Today on Kickstarter I found a tragic story with hopes of a happy ending with the rekindling love for comics – C-S1 Canada’s Elite Strike Team

Back in 1995, Quebec had a referendum on choosing to separate from Canada. Young Eric Thauvette was watching the news and noticed a gigantic Canadian flag on the screen. Watching the news, Eric noticed that the overall majority of Quebec was against the separation and with a stroke of genius, feeling patriotic he sat down and started the creation of C-S1 Canada’s Elite Strike Team.
Fast forward 22 years to 2017, Eric now has 2 sons, a 9 and 12 years old. Little did they know that heartbreaking news was just around the corner. This year, Eric was diagnosed with Cancer. He is currently undergoing treatments, and like all families effected by cancer – they are going through some tough times. To help bear with the tragic news, Eric decided to rekindle his old unfinished project C-S1 Canada’s Elite Strike Team.


“I took out the old project because it was the one thing that always captivated me and knew it would help me through hard times. Rekindling the project created a new special bond with my 2 superhero loving sons who are 9 and 12 –  I knew I needed to share this experience with others.”

-Eric Thauvette

About The Comic

C-S1 is part of an awesome Universe. The series deals with the interactions between a Canadian Strike Team and other Countries existing Strike Teams. The world is in chaos as we know it. The United Nations division of the Global Protection Force has commissioned each Countries Elite Champion to form a Strike Team. Canada for some unknown reason was the first country chosen to form such a team. But there is an external force bent on stopping this achievement. If Canada falters then the following formations would be doomed to fail.

The story to the C-S1 Universe plans to dive even deeper into how each World Elite Champion came to be, and the background behind the success that they have achieved. They also plan on a story line focused on particular Anti Strike teams and how they have the power to manipulate other countries decision on world wide matters.


Main Characters

THE C-S1 team s characters form a unlike blend of what represents Canadian society:
Canuxtrike is a living legend and team leader
Nordic is a Quebecer Assassin and part of an external organisation called The Assassins Guild
Rebound of Irish descent and Profiler
Warshot an Indegenous warrior
Norsius a 1000 years old viking warrior
A misterious punk kid called Sask or Scavenger
And finally Xyber who is the Architech behind C-S1, he is the liaison to the United Nations and is Muslum
We at The Nerd is the Word wish Eric the best for his treatments and the hopeful success of this comic book series. We are firm believers in local artists with a passion – and all the more with getting your family involves with the fun and exciting process!
If you would like to check out the C-S1 Canada’s Elite Strike Team Kickstarter page – CLICK HERE!