Eve Smart Mirror: Interactive Smart Mirror

It’s the future –  there are car’s driving themselves, hands free household assistants, smart phones smarter than your average Joe and… Interactive smart mirrors?

Yes, you read that right. Want to feel like Iron man while waking up – a Heads Up Display to check the weather, news and the latest NITW articles as you brush your teeth… well, it is now a reality.

The Eve Smart Mirror is what seems to be a regular mirror with all the applications of a tablet or smart phone.


  • No setup. Just plug & play!
  • No need to rely on any other device or equipment
  • No need to rely on local WIFI
  • Freedom to move around the room, while controlling everything from your voice.

Now you are probably thinking… won’t the mirror be one major smudge with your hands all over it? Short and sweet response back is – no. They have integrated smudge proof technology so that your little fingers wont block the view of that sexy beast in the mirror.

With over 500+ Applications to choose from, the Smart Store will provide you with unlimited things to do on your Eve Smart Mirror. They have also opened our App Store to all developers, thus allowing anyone to submit their creative applications as a contribution to their app store.

Don’t like getting up? Us either! Neither does Eve! The Eve Smart Mirror is Voice Activated and ready to assist. You can control most features with your voice, allowing you to use your mirror wherever you are in your room. Control anything from your house lights, blinds or any other smart appliances you may own.

Last but not least – don’t worry about spills because this mirror of the future is 100% water proof.

While we haven’t gotten our hands on a smart mirror ourselves – the thought of them is both cool and our style of future. To the creators – if you do read this article we would love to test out your mirror first hand and write a follow up!

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