SLICE INTO ACTION WITH -Clone Drone In The Danger Zone

Clone Drone In The Danger Zone is a chaotic arena slice em up game created by Doborog Games. Players face an over flow of dangerous robots coming from all sides and fight to survive for as long as possible


The game is in an alpha state and teases a story mode that might add some different gameplay in the future. However, Clone Drone’s Endless Mode stands strong on its own. Each victory feels quite satisfying. Each failure feels brutal. The entire affair is accompanied by announcer quips that add a ton of character to the game.

Starting on December 16th, the game will get a mode dedicated to Twitch streamers. Viewers watching as their favorite streamers fight will be able to have a member of the audience dance or cheer. It sounds like a neat little bit of chat integration.

Priced at $10 USD, it hits the very top of what I might consider “cheap.” That being said, going to the movies cost well over $10 and I have already gotten my moneys worth. Not to mention that this is still in alpha which menas tonnes of new content is on it’s way!

Clone Drone In The Danger Zone is a game that you can jump in whenever you feel like it. Kill a few robots, enjoy the witty commentators and repeat the process.

Interested in finding out more about the game? Check out their website!