‘Holmes & Watson’

Time to add another addition to the Sherlock Holmes franchise! There have already been multiple movies and TV series about the detective, starring various big-name dramatic actors. But word has gotten out that this one will be different and unlike any other. We’ve seen various dramatic takes on the Holmes universe – such as Sherlock, Elementary, and the Robert Downey Jr. films. Now, we’ll be getting a comedy entitle Holmes & Watson, featuring the Step Brothers stars. I guess we can finally put the rumour of Step Brothers 2 to rest…

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, the dynamic duo known from films like Talladega Nights, are set to star in the Sony Pictures comedy. The film will be written and directed by Etan Cohen, whose past films includes Get Hard, Tropic Thunder, and Idiocracy. Ferrell will be playing the lead, Holmes himself, with Reilly playing the faithful sidekick Watson. Initially, Sacha Baron Cohen was attached to costar in the film, but that fell through.

The film will hopefully begin production sometime after Thanksgiving.




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