Activision Blizzard – How Many Players?!

Without a doubt the biggest game launch in 2016 is clearly Overwatch. 

“How many people are currently playing Overwatch?” you may ask, well that’s a solid question reader!


With a staggering 15 million players, Activision Blizzard has now branched out further than their staple series World of Warcraft. To give you some numbers, between Overwatch, Hearthstone, and WoW, Activision Blizzard has noted that its Monthly Active Users metric is the highest it has ever been with 33 million players between the three!


Fun Fact: Overwatch is now ahead of Diablo 3 when it comes to being the fastest-selling PC game in China.

While numbers like this make my brain hurt, it is clear to say that Activison Bilzzard makes some amazing games and has some dedicated fans! Overwatch is one of my favourite games to come out in 2016, along side Uncharted 4, XCOM 2 and DOOM. We can’t wait to see this company continue to grow and produce even more mind boggling addictive games. Until then, we will see you on the battlefield!






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