Tesla’s New Gigafactory

Today we are going to to be summarising a video from our friends at Terra Talk. Check out their YouTube channel!

-The Tesla Gigafactory is set to open it’s doors in July of 2016

-It will produce 35 Gigawatt hours of battery capacity per year – That can power the City of Ottawa, Canada (population of approx. 900,000)

-It’s estimated cost is $5 BILLION, making it the largest battery factory in the world!

-It is 5.5 million square feet… which is 97 football fields, 47 soccer fields or 323 hockey rinks eh! This makes it the worlds second largest building!

-They chose Nevada as a location to save $1.25 Billion in tax credits.

-The factory will be 100% self sufficiant, running off of solar and wind power.

-New factory means a new battery size – which in the end will will bring a 30% reduction of batteries made which will make the battery cost cheaper.

-Over 6000 full time jobs will be opened with the factory, as well as 15000 indirect jobs.




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