Buck – 2D Post-Apocalyptic Noir Action-Adventure Game

What is “Buck” you may ask? Well, let me take the time to fill you in.

Buck is a story-driven, 2D brawler set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
You play as Buck, a motorcycle garage mechanic who decides to leave everything he knows behind in order to find the truth behind a girl’s disappearance all while struggling to adjust himself to a world he doesn’t fully understand.


Sounds cool, but what makes it original?

That’s a good question reader! The first thing that we noticed about back was the style of the game. Reminding me of the good ol’ days of the PS2 with a cross combined feeling of the Borderlands series surely caught my attention. As much as I would have liked to see this game in full 3D, one can only imagine the amount of time it would take to convert… especially with a 3 man team!

Did you say a 3 man team?

We sure did! Gal Kfir, Adi Katz and Amir Barak make up the 3 man team of Wave Interactive Wave_Interactive_LogoThey all share the same notion that no matter what we’ll always make video games, even if it means working for minimum wage (which has happened before) As long as they can create what they love most.


Did you try their demo?

As soon as we realized there was one we hit the download button. For those interested the link is right HERE.

How was it?

Overall the game was quite enjoyable! The animation work was beautifully done, the voice acting was spectacular, the music was good and the gameplay was solid. With the weapon customization and player dialogue I found myself very cautious on how I went about the game, any choice I made in the game could effect the outcome! The dark atmosphere combined with the detailed layout of the game caught my attention and kept me hooked throughout the demo.

You keep mentioning demo, where is the full game?

This is where you come in wonderful reader! Wave Interactive has put over 3 years into this game and it clearly shows. The detail in this game takes time and money and someone has to pay the bills. Currently Buck is on Kickstarter and is looking for funding so that Wave Interactive can work full time on this project to finally push it to completion.

Where can we find out more details about the game as they are completed?

Check out their Facebook page HERE

Check out their Kickstarter HERE

Check out their website HERE

Check out their YouTube HERE

and finally, Check out their Twitter HERE





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