In the spirit of Boaty McBoatface – The internet renames animals!

If you have not heard of the $300 million Antarctic research ship and how they held an internet poll to decide it’s name… check out

If you want the quick results, the internet has decided that the boats name is officially “Boaty McBoatface”.  With over 20,000 votes ahead of second place, there was not even a competition for McBoatface! Eventually hey had to shut down the poll due to the traffic of their website made it crash multiple times.

To go along with the humor, the internet took to Twitter to continue the fun and decided to rename animals. Here are a few that we liked.





There are plenty more which you can find on Twitter under #TheInternetNamesAnimals. I look forward to all the funny posts that everyone comes up with. Internet, you are both an awesome yet weird place… I love you.




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