Nerdy Fact #77

May 19, 2017 Dylan McEvoy 0

Did You Know? The Pokédex entries for Slowbro in Pokémon Sun & Moon reveal that the Pokémon is so dumb because the evolved Shellder attached to its tail is slowly

So You Want to be a Charizard?

September 24, 2016 Elyse T. 2

Is this not the life you imagined? Had enough of struggling with daily routines? Feel like you’ll go on a rampage next time you hear your noisy neighbour sneeze? Will

Pokémon Burgers?!

September 15, 2016 Dylan McEvoy 0

You read the title right! If you though the Pokémon craze was over, think again! Down N’ Out has introduced the Pokémon Burger! Have you ever wondered what a Pikachu