Move Over Bats, Harley Quinn Is Having A Birthday

Retailers Across North America Are Helping DC Comics Celebrate Harley’s 25th  Birthday

25 years.

That’s how old Harley Quinn is this year. Feel old yet?

In September of 1992, Harley Quinn made her debut in the episode “Joker’s Favour” in Batman: The Animated Series. And she’s been a fixture in Batman mythos, comic books and pop culture ever since.

To commemorate her birthday (has it seriously been 25 years?), DC is making Batman a supporting player during his own day this year. Yes, this year Harley is taking over Batman day at hobby shops and retailers across North America.

DC started Batman day four years ago, issuing special comics and promotional material to participating retailers. And it only makes sense for Harley, a big part of the Caped Crusader’s current universe, to celebrate her B-day during the Bat’s day.

Harley was originally only supposed to appear on a single episode of the Batman TAS, making a cameo as the Joker’s sidekick/love interest. But she was an instant hit with fans, prompting producers to make her a regular and it didn’t take long for her to step out of Mr J’s shadow. Soon she was making regular appearances in the comics before becoming a full fledged and independent character in her own right. She’s now one of the most recognizable female characters in comics (being played by Margot Robbie in last year’s Suicide Squad movie didn’t hurt) and while her path still crosses the Joker’s, she’s no longer anyone’s sidekick or stooge (or stuck in an emotionally dependant and abusive relationship).

And it isn’t just comic book stores wishing Harley a happy 25th birthday. Big box stores like Barnes and Noble in the U.S. and Indigo here in Canada are wishing her a happy birthday as well. Plenty of retailers have a number of special events planned on top of the giveaways provided by DC, including cosplay events and games.

Looks like the only thing they forgot was the cake and some candles.