The Comic Book Shoppe Has All Your Free Comic Book Day Needs Looked After

So your looking to do a little shopping on Free Comic Book Day, huh?

Well, if you lucky enough to call Ottawa home, the Comic Book Shoppe (with locations at 228 Bank St. and 1400 Clyde Ave.) has you covered.

This year has plenty to offer the discriminating comic book shopper. Over 30 publishers have teamed up to offer a whopping 50 free titles this year. Its perhaps the widest range of tastes and genres we’ve seen on FCBD and there’s something for everyone. And while the big publishers are definitely present, this year belongs to the indie players.

Marvel is offering The Secret to tease this summer’s Secret Empire event and a free Guardians of the Galaxy comic to go with this year’s blockbuster. DC has a Wonder Woman special edition (promoting the next month’s feature film staring everyone’s favourite Amazon) as well as a tie in to their popular DC Super Hero Girls cartoon. Image is on deck with I Hate Image and a promotion for Kid Savage while IDW has issues representing Star Trek: The Next Generation and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dimension X series. And would it be Free Comic Book Day without a Buffy The Vampire Slayer offering from Dark Horse?

In case you were disappointed by James Cameron’s recent announcement that the Avatar sequels were getting pushed back (again), Dark Horse also has something to scratch your Avatar itch and even Archie Comics is in on the action, offering Betty and Veronica and Riverdale tie ins. I could go on forever, so to save time and space you find a comprehensive checklist of this year’s offerings here.

But FCBD has become so much more than just free comics, and the Comic Book Shoppe has a super sale to meet all your shopping needs.

Cosplay product will be a whopping 60% off while other select apparel will be reduced 20%. You can get your hands on some gaming and plush product for 15% less while toys, glassware and select statues will be offered at a 10% discount. Each location will also have special in store specials the day off as well. And it isn’t just this weekend the Shoppe will be catering to all your geek needs. On Sunday, May 14th they will re-open at 9 PM to host their annual Midnight Madness sale until they close again at 12 PM.

It’s a good time to be a nerd. Enjoy your shopping.