The Envoys of Spark- A D&D Chronicle- Part XIII

Roleplaying table top games make for great stories! The Envoys of Spark is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign created by Elyse T. Join hilarious and entertaining player characters on their voyage in an unknown world, as they try to accomplish an enigmatic mission.
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The Juuls Strike

The Envoys returned to their Specialist quarters after their incognito conversation with Xelif, the man who incarnated the very volcanic mountain they stood in. It seemed they needed to make the Juuls mages, hired by Eashane soldiers who wanted to extinguish the volcano, stop cooling the lava flow. This would free Xelif, allowing him to erupt once again, and creating an important obstacle for the Eashane invasion of the northern islands.

Keeping an ear to the door of their chambers, Beatrice overheard mages in the hallway mention a big meeting happening later this evening, regarding a big decision they had to make as a group. Medea decided she needed to sneak into the meeting, hoping that it meant their convincing of mages who worked in shifts on the lower level, was starting to have some influence.

Beatrice barged into the mages quarters, pretending that she needed the washroom very badly. Embarrassed, the mages let her pass, to where she could steal a set of ice magic robes, for Medea to hide her identity during the meeting.

Later, among the blue-robed practitioners, she tried to be quiet until the speaker came forward.

“My dear colleagues, our work is very hard, and our employers have taken us to a dangerous and far-away place. It has been suggested that we, Juuls mages, begin our own enterprise and break off our exclusive contract with Eashane. This would mean making Lord Duzuaac, King of Eashane, unhappy, and some of you fear this. However, the benefits of opening our trade to other clients across the world are also important to consider.

Meanwhile, however, I discourage any rumours about this volcano erupting. This is a scare tactic and nothing more. We have been safe here for years.”

Mages agreed and disagreed, and Medea did her best to whisper encouragement at the right moments, to the right enthusiast seeking a line. By the end of the meeting, the group had agreed to at least halt work for a day, to demand better conditions from the Eashanees. The rumors about the impending eruption became a more urgent subject of conversation, as well. This result pleased the undercover wizard, who reported back to her companions.

Unwanted Literature

Soon, Xelif would break free and begin erupting, destroying this underground base! The Envoys made their way once again to the passage below, saying they intended to analyze the area to design a strategy, with Kohmai wearing a guard’s uniform as their escort. Xelif had spoken of a tunnel out to the south, and guards had spoken of an abandoned library in the same area. Better to make sure that the escape route was cleared before the quakes began.

After digging their way through debris and junk stacked in the hallways of this unused wing of the lower floor, the group came upon a large door, locked with an icy magical lock. Virgil and Medea, as magic workers tried to dispel the magic that held it, but to no avail. Thankfully, Regor had basic survival skills, and built a small fire by rubbing two small twigs together, melting the magical lock.

The ancient library, full of moss, scatters humid books, and dusty turned over furniture, held a few surprises, Before taking a few handful of random, well preserved, books, the Envoys had to dispose of treacherous bats, and disgusting swarms of rats. After the vermin had been either killed or frightened off, they discovered a passage behind a fallen bookcase that seemed to lead to the surface.

They felt the first few shakes under their feet, a sign that Xelif was beginning to erupt. They could have escaped then, but the more good-natured among them wished to ensure that some lost innocents might escape with them. The Envoys walked back to the guarded sections of the base.

Battle of the Elements

Near a large excavation site where the ice walls had thoroughly melted, a large creature built of nothing but molten rock, leaving a trail of bubbling lava in it’s wake, emerged from the volcanic flow. Mages and soldiers could do nothing to stop it, as it headed north towards the stairwell to the upper level.

Kohmai and Beatrice snuck through the prison hold to emerge in the northern corridor, where heavy footsteps could be hear descending the stairwell. Around them, soldiers and mages, civilians and labourers ran like mad. Utter chaos surrounded the heroes as they attempted to convince those they met to escape via the southern hidden route.

A massive man made entirely of ice advanced, seconded by two captains now with frosty armour and weapons. The gigantesque ice creature looked strangely like the Extinguishment Effort Governor. It turned the corner and spotted Medea, Regor and Virgil, with the lava monster close behind them; they slipped into a side room, leaving the two elementals to dual in the hallway. The epic battle between the two creatures began, with the lava monster, child of the magma, at a slight disadvantage. Just as it was weakening, from the other side of the hallway, Xelif himself came running, now free of his ice prison, and pushing the mountain to erupt. He attacked the ice creature, all the while shouting “You, loyal to Duzuaac, drinker of magical tricks, I will MELT YOU”

The Envoys decided they should also help. While Kohmai and Beatrice could take on the Eashanee captains near the stairwell, Regor, Medea and Virgil were now trapped in a room, with the hallway beyond doused in lava. Regor III’s floating chair ability was very useful for these situations, he left the two magic practitioners, laughing. These two did their best to tie a rope to the various light fixtures in the hallway to make their escape. A few singed eyebrows, burnt toes and scorched robes later, they were on their feet away from the lava. They joined the fray to fight along Xelif and the creatures of the volcano.

Etching of Undergrounds

Kohmai finally ran the ice titan down and broke one of his legs. The lava monster then delivered a powerful slam and smashed his entire frozen head. The creature melted, and the body of the governor, soaked in icy water, badly burned was found inside. Xelif shook him madly:

“YOU! I send you back to Lord Duzuaac. You will send him a message. Here I have met the Envoys of Spark, his power is still strong among us, and Duzuaac is only second to him. Behold my eruption, the power of the Etching of Undergrounds. I will block the passage to Dunnri and I will never be extinguished!”

The heroes took this statement as a hint to take their leave. Each passage was now obstructed by some sort of geyser, broken wall or lava river; finding their way back to the abandoned library was difficult. As tremors made even walking tough, they climbed through the exit tunnel, and found themselves on a little outcrop, elevated against flows of molten rock. To the horizon they could see their ship, docked at the beach.

“Time to get the hezmana out of here,” said Regor.