The Envoys of Spark- A D&D Chronicle- Part IX

Roleplaying table top games make for great stories! The Envoys of Spark is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign created by Elyse T. Join hilarious and entertaining player characters on their voyage in an unknown world, as they try to accomplish an enigmatic mission.
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Times they are Changing

Back in the Swamp Witch’s little hut, Beatrice set to work turning slugs and green mushrooms into a meat pie her friends would be able to digest. The rest of the Envoys gathered around the fire to rest, eager to ask the Witch a few questions. They handed her the Amber Dragonflies they had caught back in the dangerous overgrown garden.

“So…want to explain why the ancient Coven is now gone? We saw their ancient home now in ruins! Yet strangely, you remain…” Regor III said suspiciously.

The Witch had set to work blending the Amber Dragonflies to the strange paste she had made from the spider refuse gifted by Kohmai. She explained, that the swamp had changed a great deal in the last decades. For a long time, the continent had been famine-stricken, the climates hot and unaccommodating. The swamp had been sadly an area where desperate parents abandoned the children they could not feed. The first generation of these children, over time, were raised by the swamp itself and learned to harness it’s magic. They started taking new abandoned children as their apprentices, until the swamp practitioners were renowned across the continent. The environment, however, slowly changed. Food and water became less sparse, and times when parents were forced to leave children behind were forgotten.

“I am the last Witch, and my young friend here, is the last apprentice,” she said, pointing out her quiet bookworm sitting in her corner.

Once the promised poison and the slug pie were prepared, the group thanked the Witch and departed. They headed back to the Queen of the Very Polite Frog, for their dinner engagement.

Humble Pie

Regor III greeted the Queen and her large congregation once again with eloquence, and invited his servant Beatrice to present their offering.

Grumbling, the Hobbit managed to gracefully shove Regor aside as she stepped forward.

“My Queen, we proudly present to you a meal that unites our two peoples. We hope you enjoy it!”

A polite frog came forth and elegantly cut the pie with a leaf. The Queen gave the Hynerian a desiring look and sensually opened her very large mouth, waiting to be fed.

Medea came to the rescue, even if Regor didn’t deserve it, and used her Manipulation Spell, to lift a slice and drop it in the giant frog’s mouth. The surrounding frogs were impressed by the magical performance.

“This pie truly is delicious! To be quite honest, I was going to instruct my frogs to seize you and turn you into proper students of my special school of manners. You would have never left this swamp alive.

Your talents in cooking have however convinced me that your place truly is in the greater world. Begone, consider yourselves friends of the Swamp.,” solemnly declare the Queen.

The Envoys thanked her magester for her generosity and each ate a slice of the slug pie under the watchful eye of each swamp frog present. They then struggled to gently paddle away as they bowed.

Steady as She Goes

Back onboard the Waveweaver, the group decided they would explore the area surrounding Spark’s Isle before moving on. They headed for the “Mysterious Cluster” described by the Waveweaver, which would take two days to reach.

This time spent onboard allowed the Envoys to get to know one another.

Kohmai’s strange inability to swim in salt water was discussed; he explained that he is made of a metallic alloy that is weak to salt. It is not a big problem unless the salt is absorbed with water, initiating a corroding process. The biggest risk imaginable, would be for him to fall in the deep ocean- his weight would not allow any known force to pull him back up, and the salt would completely disintegrate his body by the time he could find a way to walk out.

Medea the Wizard of the First Order spoke about the past she had left behind on her world. She told of being trained to accomplish a grand purpose, which involved guarding a special book. Medea admitted to have lost this book, and had been trying to find it it when she was taken. Apparently, this book could only be read by a particular hero, who would need the text to save the world.

Regor expressed his longing for a luxurious bath surrounded by beautiful concubines and delicious pleasures.

The Envoys approached the Waveweaver and asked about the contents of the inner hold. The Waveweaver announced that almost anything could be created by the ship itself.  Beatrice asked for useful ammunition for her slingshot, while Regor asked for a weapon of his own, having nothing but music to fight with.
The heroes noted the first time the Waveweaver referred to itself as female.

There be Monsters

The Waveweaver was, for once, lucky in it’s maneuvering, and managed to avoid trouble altogether on it’s way to the Mysterious Cluster. The ship stopped before entering a large mess of broken, sunken, or floating shipwrecks. This ship graveyard was practically a full island; remnants of once powerful vessels were intertwined in a large confusion of debris. Ripped sails floated like ghosts beneath the surface, holds still, no doubt, fully loaded, awaited silently.

The Envoys were unsure if attempting to explore the area for loot was worth the possible danger. Closer looks a the waters beneath the wreckages exposed a large family of Lantern Teeth, violent and meat-eating fish. As they discussed strategy on how to defend their ship against the aquatic creatures, the Etchings gifted by Spark glowed in their palms. A feeling tugged at their inner-selves, warning that something more was hidden nearby.

Kohmai loaded and tested the Waveweaver’s cannons, discovering that the four cannons needed to be loaded manually, but were powered by the ship’s closed circuited system. The rest of the group began to attack the teethed fish with their ranged weapons and powers.

From beneath the wave, a low, imposing moan echoed through the ship, making the railings and masts shake. A monstrously large green fish jumped out of the water in a show of force, inciting the Lanterns. It shouted again, this time aiming a strange ray at on of the fish. The Lantern Teeth instantly grew three time’s its size and attacked the Envoys aboard their ship. It jumped incredibly high and bit Medea, almost dragging her overboard. It was at this moment that the Waveweaver completed the earlier requested construction of a weapon for Regor. Laughing like a maniac, he used his new toy to electrify invading fish.

The heroes fought valiantly and managed to diminish the number of Lantern Teeth attacking as many fled back to the depths. Out of the water emerged the gigantic green fish again, it opened its large jaw, trying to take a bite of the of the Waveweaver. Beatrice and Virgil spotted a sparkling light down the monster’s throat, and the inside of the fish looked like a tunnel! Could they try going inside? The Hobbit considered jumping overboard right into the fish’s mouth.

The Waveweaver’s aim with her cannons was terrible, but she did manage to get a few decent hits, which ultimately defeated the monstrous fish. The Envoys dragged its upper half onboard their ship, and used wooden remnants floating nearby to open its mouth. They knew they only had so much time to explore this fish’s insides before they would begin to rot away…