New Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Reveals Old Friend

The Watch Dogs 2 story trailer has landed and it looks like we’ll be seeing an old friend from the first title. Does this mean Aiden Pearce will make an appearance? We hope not…

From what we can gather, Raymond “T-Bone” Kenny will be making a significant appearance in Watch Dogs 2. This makes us more than a little excited. T-Bone Grady was one of the best parts of the original game. One of the biggest complaints of Watch Dogs  was how uninteresting the main character Aiden Pearce was. This was all fixed when you finally had the chance to play as T-Bone in the game’s story DLC.

As you can see from the Watch Dogs 2 trailer, the sequel focuses on Marcus Holloway. Marcus is a young hacker who is recruited by Dedsec, a group of the best hackers on a mission to shut down the Blume CTO and his lust for power.

With a more lighthearted tone this time around, Ubisoft looks to be correcting all of the first game’s wrongs. Even T-Bone feels more at place here. We’re curious to see what brought him all the way to San Francisco in the first place. If this Watch Dogs 2 story trailer is anything to go off of, we are in for a much better experience this time around. Still, we can’t help but cross our fingers.

Check out the trailer below!




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