Pokémon Burgers?!

You read the title right! If you though the Pokémon craze was over, think again! Down N’ Out has introduced the Pokémon Burger!

Have you ever wondered what a Pikachu tastes like? Us neither, but now is your chance! Each Pokémon burger will be served with a “Pokéburg” card, which lists exactly what’s inbetween the buns.

According to Ben Kagan (Creative Director), it took approximately four weeks of experimentation to get the burgers just right. The experimentation seems to be worth it though as Down N’ Out had initially planned on only selling the Pokémon burgers from August 23 until Sunday, September 3… They are still currently selling them today and have mentioned that this Saturday, September 17th will be the final day!

You have to hand it to Down N’ Out, they took full advantage of the revived Pokémon franchise and it paid off!


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