5 Cartoon Reboots that Ruined the Original Shows

So we all have wanted reboots of shows. We’ve also probably seen other reboots, most are alright, some are amazing, and some you can’t help but just despise. I’ve seen many reboots but some of them just destroyed and disgraced the original masterpieces! Like, what were they thinking!?! And here’s a list of the five that I couldn’t even bear to the originals.

5. Alvin and the Chipmunks

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Alright, so, they managed to ruin the chipmunks. I loved them as a kid with their animated shows/movies (yes, I sort of broke the rules) along with the new movies but the new reboot started to make me hate the little guys. And there are three main reasons:
– Animation style is annoying along with story.
So, the usual style wasn’t taken and unfortunately, the style is bothersome and doesn’t work well for the show. Then they try to make it funnier with stupid little gimmicks for today’s kids. I don’t even think today’s kids laugh at it though, why would they? They aren’t the best jokes.
– They don’t include all the chipmunks/chipettes enough.
So the chipettes almost don’t really exist in the world and, at least in my eyes, the episodes always exclude one of the main chipmunks (usually Simon or Theodore.) And when you want to see one of the chipmunks more, you better be given that or you can begin to hate them more and more.
– The lessons they’re trying to teach usually come with an annoying song, if not, the lessons are rushed and are just bothersome.
Songs are nice when it comes to most of the chipmunk shows and movies but the rushed songs are just annoying along with unclear a lot of the times. That’s pretty much all that’s needed to say about the songs.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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So the main thing that bothers me is the humour and unnatural feeling I get from every episode. It isn’t too bothersome… sometimes. Most of the time I find myself disappointed by the references it tries to make fit from the original. It probably would’ve been better if they’d branched away from the original a bit more. Yet, when I watch it, I feel like the episodes are much too complicated and the story is forced by producers and the sponsoring channels that air it. The thing that probably bothers me the most, well, there are two main things with the characters that bother me. First, Casey’s barely made his way into the show! Seriously, why wasn’t he included right away too!?! He’s one of the most important (and awesome!) human characters in the series. He’s always been a major plot element so why did it take so long to decide to include him! UGH! Second, April O’Neil (and Casey Jones too, but again, he barely appears yet!) is a teenager and the story is twisted due to this, but that affects the whole story in a negative way for me. Who couldn’t miss the strong woman reporter from the original animated series, along with her love interest with Casey Jones, NOT Donatello! Really animated series, really!?!

3. Scooby-Doo (specifically with ‘Be Cool, Scooby Doo’)

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Seriously, if you’ve even watched an episode (or just seen the new animation style to it), you know enough and I don’t have to explain much more on why I’m hating on it so much.

2. Teen Titans

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Though I was rallying for a reboot on the show for a long time, the new Teen Titans is not what I was rallying for. Though it can occasionally sputter a laugh out of me, most of the story and characters are messed up. First, almost all of them are naturally stupid in the show! (Even Raven has her stupid moments though!) Second, they make Robin, who was probably the most dignified and strongest of them all, into a needy and clingy lovesick (for Starfire, at least they got that right) guy who’s dependant on his staff. Seriously? Third, they make Raven secretly girly who also loves a rip-off of My Little Ponies! NOT COOL! Fourth, though Starfire kept the same inability to communicate in perfect English, they made her into a dumb alien girl who is constantly denying Robin’s love (even though they never did that in the original and even had a pretty big romance element between them!) There’s a lot more but I’ll end the rant there.

1. Rainbow Brite

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Here’s a list of everything I hate as simple as can be:
-Character Stupidity/Design
-Storyline with real humans in it
-NEW RAINBOW BRITE AND STARLITE (and they ruined the sprites! :’’’(  How could they!?!)
An honourable mention to this list is PowerPuff Girls Z (Seriously, don’t check it out… unless you want to be confused, annoyed, and wishing they had never come out with a reboot.)



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