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A long time ago we received a package from a small Etsy creator named CoyoteZ. First of all I would like to apologise for how long it has taken to get this article posted up! In this package we received two neck ties and an infinity scarf – and I can say without a doubt that each one will get used on the regular. Being a stand out nerdy guy myself, this will only add to the geeky charm that is “Dylan”.

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I would like to say that the time and effort put into wrapping each item as well as writing a personalized “Thank You” card really makes receiving mail just that much better. Not only are the ties and infinity scarf beautiful, but being treated like an actual person rather than a number on a screen really impressed me from the beginning! (You don’t see that often anymore!)

If your curiosity hasn’t already peaked, here is what we received!


Being a major fan boy of the Star Wars Franchise, this was a beautiful sight for me. If you took a look around my apartment, you can clearly see by all the posters, figures, stuffed animals and the light saber hanging on my wall that this tie was meant for me. The tie is made from a cotton material, it may not be the silky style of tie that I am use to – but the originality of the tie itself makes it my favorite by far. That means that after some time, there will be creases made up around the collar… I suppose this will be my wife’s chance to finally get me to learn to use the iron… we shall see!

Along with the Star Wars tie came the Mario tie. This immediately brought me back to childhood – back to when me and my sister would be playing on the Super Nintendo arguing who got to be player 1… It was usually her… but either way, Mario has played a major role in my life. He has taught me how to save a damsel in distress, how to party, how to golf, and now how to stand out at a dinner party!

CoyoteZ does not only make neck ties… they also happen to make the SOFTEST Dr.Who Infinity scarf known to man! Made out of a polyester and spandex blend, it almost feels like the scarf was made from silk. I can honestly say that my wife screeched with excitement as she got to open the scarf, and it seems that almost every chance she gets she is wearing it! She told me that “I love how I can wear it almost anywhere, it has that nerdy flare that I love but it is also subtle enough that I can wear it to work without standing out too much… AND IT SO SOFT!”

If we didn’t have enough respect for CoyoteZ already, Donna (Creator) started crafting at the young age of 5 years old, learning the skills passed down generation by generation. Donna is a mother of 5 and hand makes each item that she sells, each item also comes with clear instructions on how to clean and maintain the quality of the item (Which is great for a guy like me!). If running CoyoteZ was not enough, Donna also has another 3 etsy shops on the go! Be sure to check out MarySallyDesigns, YawningCatGames, and HandPickedFabrics.

Needless to say, CoyoteZ is the perfect combination of both Nerdy and Elegance. We loved everything that we got from CoyoteZ and we highly recommend that you check out their Etsy Page! From Bowties to lanyards, they have it all – and in a geeky fashion!

Just like their average review score on Etsy, we give them 5/5!

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