Deadpool’s Creator Hilariously Explains The Difference Between Deadpool And Deathstroke

Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson. Just saying their respective names of Deathstroke and Deadpool can become mind boggling over time. Fans have argued over whether or not Marvel’s Deadpool is a rip-off of DC’s Deathstroke for years, even I have considered the similarities myself. Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefeld has apparently had enough, and has taken to the internet! He recently took place in a video created by Nerd Pop to highlight the fundamental differences between these two comic book mercenaries, and the results were nothing if not hilarious.


Rob Liefeld must have consumed an entire pot of coffee before recording this video, he came out gun’s a blazing and barely stopped to take a breath! Citing everything from the color differences in their outfits, to the differences in the looks under their respective masks, Liefeld deconstructs Slade and Wade to make his case for how they’re simply not the same character. In fact, he even makes a point that Deathstroke’s outfit shares more similarities with Captain America than Deadpool, with its incorporation of chain mail.

The major differences between these two characters will have to become even more noticeable in the near future, because they will both be on the center stage in major cinematic universes. While major fans of DC and Marvel comics are able to construct some pretty convincing differences between the two characters, newer fans of the respected franchise may not be so convinced. Ryan Reynolds  finally got the opportunity to take on the role of Deadpool in a solo film earlier this year, and left an insane mark on the character. An unknown actor (rumored to be Joe Manganiello) will do the same for Slade Wilson when Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie finally hits theaters. With both Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson taking up space on the silver screen, it will be up to filmmakers to do their best in showcasing the differences between them – and as we have seen in the past, that’s no easy task!

Unfortunately, this debate will probably last a lifetime. Fans have already formed their own opinions about each of these characters, and it’s hard to shake a fan’s beliefs once they have fully committed. I myself am a fan of both characters and can see the differences from personality alone. While Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and continuously uses crude and vulgar humor, Deathstroke is a much darker, straight laced mercenary style of character.

What are your thoughts on the two characters? Do you think Rob Liefeld should have another cup of coffee? Let us know in the comments below!





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