Han Solo’s First Wife May Appear In The Upcoming ‘Han Solo’ Flick

Lucasfilm has narrowed down the lead female role of the upcoming young Han Solo movie to four non-white actresses. The current role is unknown but current speculation centers around the recent Star Wars comic book character, Sana Solo. Sana Solo is the first wife of Han Solo and is never mentioned throughout the movies. This rumor is largely fueled by the fact that the comic character is also non-white.

But how married are they? For those who may not know, in the John Cassady and Jason Aaron Star Wars comic, the character of Sana Starros “married” Han Solo as part of a cover operation in the story.

Even so, the prospects of adding more depth to a beloved and scoundrel-like character adds some intrigue to the possibilities within an expanded series of Star Wars stories.

After a very wide casting call, Alden Ehrenreich was given the major role of a youthful Han Solo in what can only be expected to be a new run of films in the beloved Star Wars franchise.


The movie is yet to be officially named, and is currently scheduled for a May 2018 release date.

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