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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been waiting (no, dying) for… let’s just say a very long time… for the next season of Tokyo Ghoul to come out. The only problem is that I’m curious over the new information on the series. (Two seasons and a ton of ongoing manga additions makes it a series, more of a whole different anime style for me, for sure!) A new protagonist, Touka Kirishima, (remember her? How could you not!?!) rumoured to appear with Kaneki (or Kaneki Ken if you prefer his full name) who’s taking on a much ‘different’ approach from the last time. (I think it’s got a lot of potential that way but I still hope Touka gets less screen time than Kaneki. I’m guilty of loving his character though, of course, I still despise the weird change in outfits all the time. ;P ) The late release date, of which was supposed to be in the summer (mentioning July and August, ugh, waiting sucks) but is delayed for the latest release being winter, is getting on my nerves too but all Tokyo Ghoul fans will have to persist on waiting for the anime… I guess… (Yet I’ll probably still be finding myself reading ahead in the manga soon. ;P )


This isn’t the way I’m going here though. No, instead I’ll be rating my 10 favourite ghouls of the two seasons to get anyone else living the struggle reminded of the fascinating/stunning anime and its incredibly-amazing entirety. (I wouldn’t want any spoilers for the anime characters from the manga. [Symbol] )


10   The Yasuhira Twins (Nashiro & Kurona, formerly humans)

Alright, breaking the rules due to the tear-jerking yet powerful Yasuhira twins (Nashiro in white & Kurona in black), who I couldn’t help but really enjoy their short appearances. Both their back stories and relationship with Juro (the psychopath who I find hilarious) and Detective Koutarou Amon caught me off-guard. Then with their unique possibilities and mysterious introduction of becoming ghouls to which we still don’t fully know just leaves you urging the producers to have them appear in the next addition to the anime even more. They also are extremely strategic and work together perfectly like the Yin & Yang styled outfits they’re always seen in make them appealing.

And who couldn’t relate to their back stories! (Besides the fact that I’m not a twin, of course, along with many other people in the world.) Their sad beginning of losing a friend and hope to become something in life, their aspirations to become detectives like their hero/professor Koutarou Amon being ruined by an unknown cause that we can only begin to wonder about, their tragic fate that we continue to wonder about to the time we (mostly I probably) last remember them appear and their love that reminds us that ghouls are sometimes more human than humans themselves. They definitely fit onto this list (though I still confuse them.)


9 Yoshimura (Anteiku’s Shopkeeper)

Though most probably think he fit somewhere closer to the top of the list, Yoshimura was a character who I found both tremendously useful to the story and yet slightly confusing and… this is going to probably be a bit outrageous to some but… useless after a little while in. I mean, yes he needs to have bought his shop and arrange all the ghouls there but after he shows Kaneki in, he could probably disappear and not too much would be affected. There would be a few problems but if Yoshimura went out to find his son instead of served coffee (though that was one of the reason why I left him on the list), he might’ve given more time for some of my other favourite characters.

Contradicting enough, we’d have a whole different story if he followed my ideas. And so I love Yoshimura all the same because who couldn’t. He’s a naturally kind man who knows best and is willing to help anyone in need and is looking to give everyone a place they feel they belong. (Anteiku will always be in remembered in our caffeine-addicted hearts.) I can’t really find it in myself to leave Yoshimura off the list. He’s also got a back story that made me cry every time I rewatched it (which was a lot, so I cried quite a bit.) I also love how strong he turns out to be (though I always suspected) and who didn’t miss him the second he was gone. It just made for the perfect scene and an event that no one who really loved Anteiku could forget.


8 –  Rize Kamishiro (‘Organ Donor’ living in Kaneki)

Ranking above Yoshimura, Rize was by far my favourite character when it came to moving the story along. Though I found her to be a b**** for the most part, I still realized how her story helped Tokyo Ghoul progress and also made Kaneki Ken a more irresistible/lovable character. Even though she didn’t have much of a back story, I secretly found myself loving her torturous ways with Kaneki (even though I despised her with all my heart when she did.) Yet, to add onto her amusing/cruel intentions and the way she made them move forward, Rize still had some good in her. I mean, she still took a socially-deprived Kaneki (admit it, he was) out on a ‘date’ and found herself dead and having saved his life (in an accident I believed she could’ve probably prevented if she wanted to.) Rize also helped Kaneki understand himself and helped us see more of his back story.

Then there are the many opinions in which I have of her. First of all, she’s freaking awesome and bada**! Second is that she’s sexy, intelligent and independent, ranking high in the most dangerous ghouls! No one even caught her, right!?! Third, she knew how good she was and didn’t even think of using a mask (though that cockiness was the reason she died, but ignoring that…) Fourth (and probably the last I’ll talk about though it isn’t the last good opinion I have of her) is that she let Kaneki see his mother again. It might not seem like that big of a factor but I think it was a loving thing she did for him, even if that wasn’t really an intention she had.


7 –  Uta (Mask-Maker)

There isn’t much of an explanation needed here other than this: UTA’S FLAWLESS! (And no, I ain’t some weird teenage chick who says Kawaii about everything or thinks eyebrows are ‘on-fleek’ or takes selfies of my duck face.)


6 –  Touka Kirishima (One-Winged Kagune Ghoul)

And here I admit that Touka is just above Uta but below five other ghouls (one of which isn’t much of a strong ghoul and another who isn’t much of a main character to me.) But she still ranks above the flawless Uta so good for her. The reason she doesn’t make it very high on my list (even though most would argue that she’s their first or second favourite) is due to the many times her story clings to another, stronger character (both in the sense of back story and literal strength in some cases). Though, due to her slightly depressing back story and the way she lives on with the codename of Rabbit even though she acts more like a Goth chick always gets a giggle out of me. I can’t help but feel that Touka’s character is slightly lacking due to the lack of appearances of her true personality being flossed over with the story. Of course, I still love her as a character with the kind heart and determination to try and keep all her friends happy and Anteiku safe forever. (Plus she’s got a pretty nice look to her with her singular kagune wing.)


5 –  Ayato Kirishima (Executive in Aogori Tree)


Ranking just above his sister, I can’t help but fall in love with him even though he is a major jerk. His back story and amazing strength with his kagune and plans makes me think that he has a lot more going for him in the next addition to the anime series. There are many things I can point out from him that I like from his dispute with his sister, Touka, adding character to him to the simple fact that he’s got a cool fashion sense to him that, even though I love, matches his sisters and isn’t really what he’s going for. (Though I find it really cute the way the Kirishima kids match in clothing style and attitude even though they hate being reminded of one another.)


4 –  Enji Koma & Kaya Irimi (Devil Ape and Black Dog)


Okay, so I know they aren’t really related in any sort of way (other than being gang leaders) but these two were tied for fourth when I though back to which one I liked more. I was going to just take the twins off but I thought they deserved to be on this list even if their part was very small.


3 –  Nishiki Nishio (Sophomore Ghoul with girlfriend)


Alright, so, no doubt he’s this high up on the list. His story is tragic and yet innocently-beautiful enough, his heart is kind, his kagune is strong, he loves his girlfriend, Kimi with all his heart and he cares for his friends even if he doesn’t show it. I may be a bit short with his, Ayato’s and the gang leaders and reasoning behind why they’re high up on this list but the four of them don’t need too much more to say about them.


2 –  Kaneki Ken (Human-Ghoul aka Eyepatch)


Curious enough, Kaneki Ken isn’t ranking first. (Why not!?! –Someone just screamed.) I just have someone I prefer. But here are some of the many reasons he’s ranked second. (Warning: Run-On Sentence that’s not actually a sentence.)

Nice mask, awesome back story, tragic loss of my favourite character in general (wah!), kind heart, traumatized yet still empathetic to both ghouls and humans, tortured from the inside, cool nickname, amazing battle scenes, transforming hair and style, hot guy in general, immeasurably strong kagune, hard-worker, loves Anteiku, tried to relate to others while going through a depressing time, and above all else, his personality’s heart-warming.


1 –  Hinami Fueguchi (Young Orphan Girl)


And lastly, my favourite, Hinami Fueguchi. Why, you may ask, because of many reasons. First of all, I adore when she’s onscreen. She’s either being as funny or as cheerful as she can or showing us another part of her story that make us fall even more in love with her. Hinami may of lost her parents and not been blessed with feeling all the love that most children feel but with the people helping her out, it’s hard not to see the good in her. She tries her best to remember her friends and family the best she can, even when they’re gone, and she never intentionally causes more problems for anyone. Hinami wants to help as much as she can, even though she knows she isn’t as strong as the others, and she goes out to try her best to make others have a happier life. She’s cute and has the innocent child personality and her story is filled with so many more details and events that shape her beautifully as a character. Therefore, she’s my favourite ghoul even without the strength the others have.




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