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I’m usually not one for fancy accessories… at one point I bought myself a fancy watch but in the end it turned out to be just a fancy paperweight. I wear a ring on my finger but that’s because my wife tricked me with the promise of an endless supply of sandwiches – which I have yet to see! But when I saw Joe’s coin rings, I don’t know what it was but I had to take a look at them.

Coins have always interested me, they have played a pivotal part in history, are collectors items and make a cool jingle in your pocket when you walk around. I would never have thought that the jingle in my pocket could create a ring which is both modern in design but have such an antique feel.

If you are curious on how these rings are built… in the wise words of Joe “there are a few ways to produce these beautiful rings; there are tools involved, I start with a punched coin, then fold the coin over, and finally the polishing and antiquing generates a unique piece of art and jewelry. Simple, right? Well, sort of.” Here’s a GIF!



While this GIF makes it seem pretty simple to make, it requires a lot of time, patience and the proper tools. While the quality of the rings Joe creates now seem almost flawless, the main point of his Kickstarter Campaign is to help him acquire the funds to purchase better tools to become a master in his craft. One goal that Joe has set for himself is to create a ring  out of gold, while he hesitates to create a prototype do to the costs – he has set up a pledge for those who who may be interested! Not only does he have a wide variety of coins available, there is the option of sending in your own coin to be made into a ring. Travelling to a new country and need a souvenir? All you need is a coin and it can be turned into a priceless memory you can show off on your finger.


This unique idea of the coin ring is a brilliant idea and I am surprised that this is the first time that I am seeing it. It is the perfect gift for an antique lover, fan of accessories or even as a wedding or engagement ring!  Check out some of his creations below!

Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar Coin Ring
Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar Coin Ring
Half Dollar Coin Ring
Half Dollar Coin Ring
Quarter Coin Ring
Quarter Coin Ring
Non-American Coin Rings
Non-American Coin Rings

We at The Nerd is the Word support Joe and his hobby of creating coin rings and you should too! Currently we are going through our change like a Loonie to find out which one would make the coolest ring! (It’s a Canadian joke Eh!)


To see his Kickstarter page click here!  




To check out his Etsy page click here!





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