The Walking Dead – Last Day on Earth




Just like that the 90 minute Season six finale has come to a close and oh wow people are not happy.

The best thing to do is to start with the good and move on to the bad.

The show followed Rick and the group as they attempted to get to the Hilltop as well as Carol and Morgan.  The scenes between Carol and Morgan held the most character development.  Although I don’t agree with Carol returning to the battered woman that she was at the beginning of the series, it does bring her in a different direction from where she was, and may lead to what happened in the comics for those of you that know.  These scenes also led to the meeting of an important group that will be seen in the next season, hopefully with a pet tiger in tow.

The scenes with Rick and the gang driving around felt like they were dragging along waiting for something interesting to happen.  While it was important to show that the Saviors do have numbers, there were other ways to show that then the 40 minutes of driving around.

That being said, all of that driving along and dialogue between characters led to the best 10 minutes of the season by far.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan was haunting as the newest villain to hit the series, Negan.  He wasn’t the only one that had amazing acting during that scene.  Every actor was able to use this scene and show the best of their acting ability.  The fear was clearly seen on the faces of those on their knees, especially from Andrew Lincoln – who had been confident that they could handle the threat – and Steven Yeun.  These 10 minutes had my heart beating at 1000 miles a minute, which is something that the show has failed to do for a long time.

In the final moment Negan hands out his punishment, which was secretly actually punishment to the viewers, because they cut to a point of view perspective of the victim.  Viewers of the show will have to wait till October and the premier of season seven in order to discover the identity of the victim of “Lucille”.

On The Talking Dead it was said that hints were dropped during the episode as to who was killed by Negan.  Naturally, Reddit exploded in theories.  Throughout the show, there were shots from the perspective of one of the members captured in the previous episode.  That means that Daryl, Michonne, Rosita and Glenn are in the most danger.  If you have read the comics then you know who dies at this point, but as we have seen in earlier episodes this season, the show does not always stick with the same character dying.

Many fans were disappointed in the cliffhanger of an ending to say the least.  Fans that have read the comics wanted to see the fateful moment where a beloved member died (if it was in fact said character), and fans that just watch the show have been teased this moment since the beginning of the season.  This was a major downfall for the episode, since it was all lead up to a point that was not able to deliver at the end.

As per usual, fans have vowed to not return for series seven due to the cliffhanger ending.  Whether this is true or not will be known in October.  Until then, Fear the Walking Dead will be taking over, with Norman Reedus’ show (not zombie related) coming afterwards.




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