Nike automatic lacing shoe?

Today Nike revealed to the world that the past can predict the future. In the movie Back to the Future, we had our first glimpse of the Nike Air Mag, a self lacing shoe. How were we to know that 17 years later this movie idea is now a reality!

Nike revealed the latest technology of self lacing shoes.,The Hyper Adapt 1.0. The shoes may not look like the movie adaption, they resemble a more sleek running shoe style capable of handling the roughest of terrains but stylish enough for every day use.

John Hoke, Nike’s vice president of design, explains that the shoe does not use a traditional laces, but rather a battery-powered series of pulleys that cinch the throat of the shoe. When the wearer steps inside the shoe, sensors at the bottom register his or her weight and the position of the foot inside. “It reads if you’re heavy on your heel or heavy on your forefoot,” Hoke says.

If one was to compare this design, it would best be represented like a fishing rod. The shoe comes with a plus and minus sign on the side of the shoe where the wearer can  both tighten or loosen the shoe completely. Nike has mentioned that they would like to get to the point where the shoe would adjust itself with micro-adjustments as the wearers shoe reacted to different types of movement and use.

With smart technology, the Hyper Adapt 1.0 shoes will automatically adjust to your preferred settings after a few uses.  Traditional laces run a low risk factor, they are reliable and you never have to worry about any mechanical parts failing on the go. Nike states that the shoe will operate on a battery which can last approximately 2 weeks on a single charge. You read that right, you will have to charge your shoes.

There is no precise date or price for the Hyper Adapt 1.0 shoes. The only information that ahs been released is that we can expect them to be available sometime later this year. Would you consider using this new rechargeable technology? I myself will stick to the standard laced shoe as I have trouble enough keeping my cell phone charged on a daily basis.







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