PlayStation VR – October – $400?

Today it was released that Sony would release its virtual reality device to the public this October and the cost would be close to $400.  The current competition – Oculus Rift is currently marketing their virtual reality headset for a whopping $600.  The ball was dropped by Sony as shortly after their presentation it was finally announces that their VR device requires a “PlayStation Camera” which is sold separate to operate.  The final cost is estimated to come closer to $460 with the separate camera. PlayStation UK later tweeted this for everyone to see.

Gamers can get excited about this new Sony VR device due to the fact that you will no need an expensive gaming computer to use this device, it works directly with the PS4 console.  This is a big deal as most people will not get into the virtual reality market due to the sheer fact that they cant afford the hardware requirements to run the oculus, let alone the oculus itself.

As for games, not much has been revealed. The only game that had been talked about is that Sony has teamed up with EA and Lucasfilm  to produce some adaption of a Battlefront game.



Where do you stand in all this new VR devices being revealed? Will you stand behind Sony trying to keep the cost down for consumers, follow Oculus and stand behind the PC master race or does VR just not tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments below!




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